Wayne Richard: Champion For Conservatism Takes a Stand for Collin County

In the heart of Texas, where the sun’s rays shine strongly, is a man whose loyalty to Collin County residents and conservative values is unwavering – Wayne Richard. He intends to challenge the incumbent state Representative Matt Shaheen in the upcoming GOP primary, fuelled by Shaheen’s vote to impeach Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton – […]

America: A Society in Crisis

If one visualizes the establishment of the first (small) society, as Enlightenment thinkers did (ca. 1690-1800), one must suspect that it was founded on the mutual agreement of–a social contract among–the first members. It seems unlikely that it could not have lasted very long if any society had been fashioned on disagreement. Given that agreement was at the foundation […]

Hon. Charlie Weimers MEP

Hon. Charlie Weimers MEP Member of the Sweden Democrats, part of European Conservatives and Reformists. Hammarö, Sweden Honorable Charlie Weimers, My unbound thanks to the Honorable Charlie Weimers, the distinguished MEP of the Swedish government, and the people of Sweden for your exemplary stance and unceasing efforts in support of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran. I only wish […]

Stop the Silence

We need to start by taking a truthful accounting of how power has slipped out of the people’s hands and think more genuinely about how we can—and cannot—put the people back in control. The Preamble of the US Constitution has given us all we need to have: “We, the people of the United States, to […]

Fellow Patriots,

Sometimes our world appears gloomy. But don’t get disheartened. In the final analysis, we are each accountable to ourselves and the Creator, who keeps track of everything we do. Vital to the success of any effort is the abandonment of old suspicions, parochial thinking, and scheming for special privileges for any individuals or groups. Goodwill […]

Military action against Iran is counterproductive

There are those who are against sanctions for a variety of reasons. Some say that sanctions cannot be effectively enforced; others claim that sanctions have never worked in the past and won’t work in the future. These nay-sayers never come up with any practical and viable alternative. Some advocate using massive aerial attacks on Iran’s […]

Honorable Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick,

The Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick P.O. Box 685085 Austin, Texas 78768 Phone: (512) 270-1852 Email: info@danpatrick.org Honorable Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, I am expressing my deep appreciation for your continued service to our great State of Texas. I am also writing to express my deep concerns regarding the sham impeachment against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. […]

Donald Trump’s America

“We are making America stronger, prouder, and greater than ever before.” President Donald J. Trump No President in the history of the United States has achieved as much in his first three years in his first term in office as President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, no President in the history of America has been subjected to such incessant vile and […]

Multiculturalism Umbrella: Islam-Manufactured Wool

Ever since the massive arrival of Muslims to the Western hemisphere, our Western culture and world have been forever altered, thanks to the ceaseless attempts of the left to create a failing Utopian Multiculturalism paradise while forcefully jamming it down the throats of its unsuspecting citizens. As every recent election has shown, multiculturalism in Europe is dead […]

Quran and Jihad

We must closely examine the Quran, Islam’s inviolable, immutable charter since it enjoys such a sanctified standing. Muslims believe that Allah himself writes the Quran. Allah handed down the book, piece by piece and chapter by chapter, to the Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel, in turn, whispered these words to Muhammad himself over some 23 years. Muhammad […]