In the heart of Texas, where the sun’s rays shine strongly, is a man whose loyalty to Collin County residents and conservative values is unwavering – Wayne Richard. He intends to challenge the incumbent state Representative Matt Shaheen in the upcoming GOP primary, fuelled by Shaheen’s vote to impeach Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton – an utter act of betrayal of all we Texans stand for.

Attorney General Ken Paxton’s figure in Texas politics shines brightly as a beacon of service and honor. His solid commitment to the state and its people has left an indelible mark, earning him the respect and admiration of countless Texans—those who dare to go against such an esteemed figure risk the unyielding judgment of the electorate. 

Wayne Richard is deeply connected to our community. As a successful Plano businessman, he understands the struggles hardworking Texans face. But what truly sets him apart is his unwavering dedication to the principles that have defined the great state of Texas for generations – conservatism at its core. And more than anything, Wayne Richard recognizes the significance of Paxton’s legacy and stands firmly aligned with those who champion his cause, vowing to defend General Paxton.

With a heart full of love for his constituents and Texas, Wayne aspires to represent the 66th district in the Texas House of Representatives, putting America First, just like former President Trump. Wayne’s commitment to conservative values has made him a prominent figure in Collin County, where Republicans rally behind him to challenge Shaheen in the GOP primary.

So why is Wayne taking this step now? He believes Shaheen’s vote to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton betrayed our conservative principles. Ken Paxton has been a staunch defender of traditional values and a steadfast advocate for Texas. For Wayne Richard and countless others in Collin County, Shaheen’s vote goes against everything they hold dear.

In the eyes of many conservatives, Paxton’s impeachment was seen as a betrayal of the State’s core values. It has shaken the unity and trust that Shaheen had established with his constituents. They put their trust in him to be their voice in the political arena, fight for their principles, and uphold their great state’s integrity. But his vote left them feeling let down. 

Wayne Richard is a fervent supporter of Paxton and his conservative agenda. His potential campaign isn’t just about Shaheen’s vote; it’s about ensuring that the GOP remains faithful to its conservative doctrines, undeterred by outside pressures.

Wayne Richard stands firm for what is right, so he’s considering running in the GOP primary. He understands the importance of having a genuine conservative leader who will never waver in defending Texan values. While Wayne’s campaign will address Shaheen’s impeachment vote, his platform will encompass many other traditional issues. From securing our borders to protecting religious liberties and safeguarding our Second Amendment rights, Wayne aims to rally the Republican base behind a vision that echoes the principles resonating with many Texans during Trump’s time in office.

As fervent supporters of Wayne Richard, we are filled with hope and excitement for the journey ahead. His potential challenge represents a call to arms for all conservatives in Collin County. Together, we can send a powerful message – that we stand united in our firm support to keep Collin County conservative again. 

As mentioned, the implications of this challenge reach far beyond the primary. Wayne Richard’s leadership can showcase Collin County’s unyielding commitment to conservatism and set the course for the future of the Republican Party in our state.

Wayne Richard does so with utmost care and consideration as he studies the merits of a potential campaign. He understands the weight of this decision, and his utmost desire is to serve the people of Collin County with honor and integrity.

So, my fellow conservatives, let’s rally together and stand firmly behind Wayne Richard as he embarks on his new endeavor. Together, we will shape the future of our district, our state, and our great nation. Wayne’s journey has just begun, and we must proudly stand by his side every step of the way. As Texas Republicans, we eagerly await the outcome, supporting Wayne as he leads the charge to reshape the GOP in the image of Trump’s conservatism.

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