Sometimes our world appears gloomy. But don’t get disheartened. In the final analysis, we are each accountable to ourselves and the Creator, who keeps track of everything we do.

Vital to the success of any effort is the abandonment of old suspicions, parochial thinking, and scheming for special privileges for any individuals or groups. Goodwill and work for the common good are required of all.

America is home to religiously and ethnically diverse people, and everyone is an equal shareholder of the homeland. Guaranteeing equality to all its citizens demands total adherence to the principle of unity in diversity, a unity of purpose that draws from the strength and uniqueness of its constituents.

President Donald Trump was God sent to save America. So was Attorney General Ken Paxton. Funny, the same people are doing everything they can to stop them from doing God’s work.

But the work is not done. We must do our best to reelect President Trump for a second (third) term and protect Paxton from a traitorous UniParty (to keep Texas safe); otherwise, America’s future will be in the hands of radical socialists, Islamists, communists, and so forth. We cannot and must not let that happen.

2024 is the most critical election of our era. This is not a joke. We neither can nor must allow the repeat of the 2020 stolen election. That would be the end of America as we know it. Be vigilant. Start now.

Laziness is a disease. I strongly urge you to get involved and get your friends and family to become part of this movement. We cannot afford to lose America to a group of America’s enemies.

America is not perfect. Yet, it is the best hope for humanity struggling to find its humanness. We know that evil is on the rampage worldwide with unprecedented fury.

Please, people of faith. People who believe in God and aim to obey Him. This is your time; this is your call. Please stand up and support them now. Time is of the essence. The cause of the good is in dire need of stalwart champions. Be one.


Amil Imani

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