There are those who are against sanctions for a variety of reasons. Some say that sanctions cannot be effectively enforced; others claim that sanctions have never worked in the past and won’t work in the future. These nay-sayers never come up with any practical and viable alternative. Some advocate using massive aerial attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities as the way to go.

Based on my information, I believe that a military response should not even be the last card on the table. Any such move, either by Israel, the U.S., or a combination, will rally the entire Iranian population and perhaps much of the Muslim world against Israel and the U.S. and trigger a kind of turmoil that can set the region ablaze. And the blaze will assuredly scorch Israel and hugely damage the U.S.

 Besides, the military option can always be exercised since Iran is nowhere near having produced a credible atomic/nuclear capability, and it is not likely to do so in the short term. Given the present overwhelming opposition of the masses to the rule of the Mullahs, an effective and measured sanction provides an excellent means of regime change without resorting to killing.

 Bombing the facilities is the worst thing America and Israel can possibly do. By so doing, they throw the Mullahs a lifeline and hugely hurt the Iranian people. A military attack could also solidify the Islamic world against America, Israel, and the West. The best thing to do is to impose measured but effective sanctions that provide moral and financial support for the Iranian opposition in Iran through available channels.

Amil Imani

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