Honorable Texas State Senators,

I am writing to express my deep concerns regarding the ongoing impeachment proceedings against General Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General. As a concerned citizen who values fairness, due process, and the principles of justice, I implore you to stand against this ill-conceived and unwarranted impeachment effort, which I believe to be a sham lacking substantial evidence and driven by political motives.

The impeachment against General Paxton is nothing short of a political witch hunt driven by partisan motives rather than genuine concerns of wrongdoing. The burden of proof for impeachment lies with those making the allegations, and we must adhere to this fundamental principle of justice to protect the integrity of our democratic processes.

It is also crucial to recognize that impeachment should never be employed as a tool for political retaliation or a means to settle personal or partisan differences. Instead, it should be reserved for apparent misconduct or public trust violations. As you evaluate the allegations against General Paxton, it is vital to ensure that the burden of proof is met and that due process is respected.

It is crucial to consider the potential repercussions of setting such a precedent, as it could undermine the stability and functionality of our government institutions, eroding the public’s trust in our democracy.

The House’s rush to impeach Attorney General Paxton, with 20 articles adopted within a mere two days, raises concerns about the integrity and fairness of the process. Such haste, combined with the lack of compelling evidence, undermines the credibility of the impeachment effort and threatens the foundations of our democratic institutions.

While addressing any legitimate concerns or allegations raised against public officials is essential, ensuring that impeachment proceedings are grounded in genuine evidence of misconduct is equally vital. As they currently stand, the accusations against General Paxton lack substantive proof and fail to meet the threshold required to justify removing him from office.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the people of Texas have overwhelmingly elected him to serve as their Attorney General. Therefore, the impeachment of a popular elected official should not be taken lightly, as it challenges the voice and choice of the electorate. Removing him from office through an impeachment process lacking strong and compelling evidence would undermine the vote and will of the voters. Such actions risk alienating a significant portion of the population and exacerbating political divisions rather than fostering harmony and cooperation. Removing him from office based on flimsy allegations sets a dangerous precedent that could further polarize our society and undermine the people’s trust in their elected representatives.

I would like you to judge Attorney General Ken Paxton based on his records and the tangible contributions he has made to the safety and well-being of Texas. Throughout his tenure, he has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting the interests of Texas residents.

His efforts to combat crime, defend individual liberties, and stop the federal government’s overreach have impacted our communities and our way of life. It is imperative to consider these accomplishments when evaluating his fitness to serve and resist succumbing to the pressures of political agendas that seek to undermine his achievements.

Therefore, as honorable representatives of the people, I urge you to carefully consider the facts, weigh the evidence presented, and evaluate the motivations behind this impeachment effort. It is essential to remember the broader interests of the citizens of Texas and prioritize their well-being over political expediency.

As a concerned citizen, the best alternative is dismissing the allegations against General Paxton without a mock trial.

Upholding the sanctity of due process is crucial and sets a precedent for future proceedings that should be grounded in truth, evidence, and the people’s will.

Should you decide to vote, I urge you to vote against this sham impeachment. Doing so would demonstrate your commitment to fairness, integrity, and preserving our democratic system. It is crucial to safeguard the credibility of our democratic processes, as well as to protect the rights of those who have been elected to serve.

Thank you for your attention, commitment to public service, and dedication to upholding the principles of justice. I trust in your wisdom and integrity as you make this critical decision that will shape the due process in the great State of Texas.

Sincerely yours,
Amil Imani
Professor of Homeland Security

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