Suzanne Harp is Texas’s 3rd Congressional District candidate for the United States Congress.

A prominent figure in the political arena, Suzanne Harp, has emerged as a strong advocate for securing the southern border and protecting America’s interests. In her recent interview with LaDale Buggs, now on YouTube, Harp discusses her campaign and the broad support she has received from various individuals and organizations. Harp’s unwavering commitment to addressing the border crisis and her critique of President Biden’s handling of the situation formed the crux of the conversation.

Let me once again remind the voters that Suzanne’s decision to enter the political arena, rooted in a profound sense of duty, aims to address pressing issues such as religious liberties, election integrity, border security, counter-human trafficking, runaway spending, unconstitutional mandates, and many more. As a Washington outsider, Suzanne brings a distinctive perspective to the nation’s challenges.

Suzanne Harp Texan FighterIn her interview, Harp emphasized the wide-reaching support she has received from key stakeholders. This includes the police department, constable’s office, judges, school board trustees, superintendents, and mayor pro tems. However, Harp acknowledged that some of her supporters may not publicly endorse her due to their political aspirations. Regardless, the breadth of support she has garnered underscores the urgency of her campaign.

Harp expressed deep concern over the current situation at the southern border, explicitly addressing President Biden’s alleged deception regarding its openness. She questioned the accuracy of the President’s claims, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability. Harp firmly believes that the House of Representatives holds significant power in having the President accountable for his actions.

She proposed leveraging the appropriations process creatively to address the border issue. She believes that this process, which entails allocating funds for various government programs, can be utilized strategically to take action and secure the border. Harp suggested the possibility of zeroing out income and cutting funding for projects such as the war in Ukraine. While these suggestions may seem drastic, she believes they are necessary to bring attention to the situation’s urgency and prompt, effective action.

Harp voiced her concern that the Democrat Party is veering too far left on the border issue. She stressed the importance of developing a strategic battle plan to counter this. Harp believes a clear and well-outlined plan is crucial to effectively addressing the border crisis.

Additionally, Harp praised Governor Greg Abbott’s efforts in addressing the border situation. She emphasized the need for unified support for the governor’s initiatives, recognizing his commitment to protecting Texas from illegals’ invasion. Harp believes that significant progress can be made in securing the border by aligning efforts and collaborating with Governor Abbott.

One of Harp’s boldest propositions is declaring the cartel a terrorist organization. She questioned why this action had not been taken before and acknowledged the potential loopholes in such a declaration.

It is a commonly known fact that the Mexican drug cartels are increasingly involved in violent activities along the US-Mexico border, including drug trafficking and migrant smuggling. These cartels have been known to target federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, and there are concerns about their ability to corrupt US law enforcement.

The violence and control exerted by these cartels have led to a rise in migration as people seek safety and escape the cartel’s influence. Additionally, the cartels profit from the desperation of migrants and often charge fees for their smuggling operations.

Harp is concerned about traffickers employing various tactics, including concealing drugs within vehicles driven by U.S. citizens with U.S. license plates and hiding fentanyl within legal cargo entering the United States through official ports of entry. This border connection highlights the multifaceted nature of the fentanyl crisis and underscores the need for comprehensive solutions.

It is essential to address the influence and activities of these cartels to secure the border and protect American interests.

Harp remains optimistic, suggesting that these loopholes can be addressed with careful consideration and thorough planning. By designating the cartel as a terrorist organization, Harp believes that the necessary resources and attention can be directed toward tackling this grave threat to American security.

The issue of illegal immigration and open borders in Texas and the United States has become challenging. Under President Trump, there was a simple solution: Close the Borders!

The circumstances of their arrival are intriguing in that unlike other illegal aliens, most OTMs  (other than Mexicans) promptly turned themselves in. Why is it not known for sure? There can be no doubt, however, that the scheme has given Mexican drug cartels and—potentially—terrorists a promising opportunity to simply step over the invisible line that is our border undetected by Border Patrol Agents or (BTAs) because the agents processing the new arrivals could not handle their posts.

As the nation grapples with the complexities of border security, Suzanne Harp emerges as a strong and committed voice advocating for concrete action. Her campaign and proposals serve as a rallying cry for those who share her concerns and believe in securing the southern border to safeguard Texans and American citizens.

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