What qualifies Islam as a religion? What are the criteria for deciding if an ideology is a religion? An illiterate Arab, some 1500 years ago, claimed Allah commissioned him as his emissary. What’s the proof for his claim? The Quran, the book that took him 20 years to put together and bill as the word-for-word utterances of the creator of the universe, Allah? It just so happened that he came up with a tremendously attractive proposition to the forever fighting-plundering Arabs: join me, war with me, and your winning is guaranteed: you kill our adversary, you get to keep 80% of his possessions, including his women and children. You get killed, and your destination is Allah’s glorious sensual paradise, where you will reside forever.

The offer caught like wildfire and, over time, engulfed the world.

 There is no proof that Muhammad was indeed chosen and commissioned by the author of the universe for this mission called Islam. So, Islam is a religion because it has a prophet? Why not Nazism? Oh, because Adolf Hitler did not claim so? What about Marx and, Engels, Mao? No, they did not claim to be emissaries of supernatural beings. 

 Most religions are indeed intended to attenuate human fears.  They are based on natural worries, many of which are irrational…but natural nonetheless.  For example, many pagan religious practices were focused on the seasonal cycles related to the harvest.  Why?  Because if the harvest was poor, their entire civilization could perish or be weakened to the point where a neighboring tribe would kill them. 

 While they misunderstood the scientific basis for whether they created natural (yet irrational) religious beliefs about whether and harvest, in this sense, religions were psychologically helpful and inevitable in addressing natural conditions. But some religions establish for themselves fears of things that do not exist…which the religion itself invented to create and perpetuate fear, and then artificially addressed it to establish a political regime. 

 The political nature of Islam transcends personal spiritualism and becomes a cult of oppression. This is fraud. This is evil. This is Islam.

 Islam essentially invents the idea that Christians, Jews, and pagans are abominations and offensive to Allah and that their very existence represents an attack upon the self-defined Islamic right to reign over the world.  Allah thus enlists Muslim believers to eradicate by force those who offend him and, by disbelieving, prevent his rule. 

 True Muslim believers, therefore, become the enforcers, hitmen, and mercenaries for their God to establish a global Caliphate for their parasitic clergy.  Their targets are artificially constructed, adversaries.  Believers are instructed to fear the “great Satan.” They are told they are offensive to Allah and their families if they do not follow Allah’s calls to Jihad.  It’s a “you’re either for me or against me” strategy.  Contrast this with, say, Christian fears.  Christians, too, fear offending God because they believe that God will judge their lives when their bodies die.  So, their fears are reduced by atoning in personal alignment with the teachings of the Bible.     

 So, as a political religion, Islam creates artificial fear of alien groups and then eliminates the fear through war and coercion.  Islam pleases Allah with brutality and Jihad.  Islam seeks to instill a political regime to enforce its provisions.  When such a political doctrine declares that “resistance is futile,” it refers to corporeal enforcement by people. Personal religions acknowledge natural fears and then use light, wisdom, and the capacity of human nobility to eliminate them through a positive, spiritual exercise.

 Islam can work by brute force and by the lengths the believers will go to perpetuate it.  Its theology and practices make it inherently evil and dangerous to all humanity.  It has already spread and infected the world like cancer.  How do you nuke it out of existence?  You can’t…; they will nuke us first, I am sure it.

 Warning to free men and women: remain a spectator at your peril. It is imperative that you take a stand and do your part in denouncing the fraud of Islam and do all you can to prevent the Islamic fire from devouring our civilized democratic system.

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