In lieu of current Iranian protests in Iran, let us make a note of it: If we remain divided, there will not be a chance against the robust Islamic regime with the vast and destructive power apparatus that has no problem using it against their own population as they did in the 2009 Green Movement.

Unlike anything encountered in recent memory, the formidably complex and unique situation in today’s Iran poses an enormous challenge. It defies any conventional solution, and simply resorting to civil disobedience is the equivalent of fighting off a pack of hungry and blood-thirsty wolves with toothpicks!

The incredibly ruthless, deceptive, and cunning nature of the present regime, bundled together with an Islamic modus operandi, creates an enigma and several paradoxes.

Recommendations for Expatriates

• Your ideological differences should not stand in the way of uniting against Islamofascists who have made life miserable for all Iranians. Breaking unity at a time when the Islamic vultures want to extinguish the forces of resistance is an abandonment of your national duty.

• Fight the disinformation campaign launched by the Islamic Republic through radio, Internet, and TV broadcasts in Iran.

• Combined with a proposed strategy emphasizing the interdependence of a secular and free Iran with economic rewards for industrialized nations is another major step in gaining meaningful support.

• It is imperative to Launching a widespread information campaign in Iran and across the globe that exposes the regime and its evil deeds is imperative.

• Counter hostile public relations against US/Israel and broadcast meaningful and structured information to Iran that will counter IRI propaganda.

• Inform people about the true nature of Islam and its counter-cultural impact on Iranian civilization, culture, and traditions. This must be done tactfully and in an informative manner.

• Strongly emphasize the role of the Iranian civilization in shaping Western and Eastern cultures and influencing many schools of thought.

• Expose the atrocities committed against the people of Iran (i.e., gross violations of human rights) and the terrorist acts committed against the world.

• Reemphasize the importance of the unity of different Iranian ethnic groups based on shared cultural roots.

• Ward off opportunistic separatist movements by exposing their phony historical and linguistic “justifications.”

• Reinforce that irrespective of linguistic differences, the Iranian people’s common enemy is the Islamic regime. Expose separatists’ deceptive tactics.

• Expose the real reason for the pursuit of nuclear technology.

• Work with LEGITIMATE opposition inside Iran and expatriates that are in tune with the CURRENT issues inside Iran.

• Expose the regime’s lobbyists and sympathizers with personal agendas and those who have had any connection to the Islamic Republic in the past or present.

• Unite your forces with secular democratic groups and persons who promote freedom, democracy, and the rule of law.

• Avoid those whose perceptions of Iranian realities are locked in the 1970s and have no concept of the day-to-day issues facing the Iranian people.

• Worked with labor and organized grassroots movements inside Iran. Non-stop support of independent secular activities.

• Form a provisional coalition of capable individuals, preferably trained in conflict resolution, leadership, and management, who are charismatic and pragmatic enough to lead the post-IRI transitional government.

• Try to work with Iran’s fundamental military forces to destroy the paramilitary forces, such as Basij, Pasdaran (IRGC), Ansar Hezbollah, and other pressure groups.

• Work with International agencies to capture and round up the commanders of these forces and the leaders and key figures of the Islamic regime to hand them to an international tribunal for crimes against humanity.

• Review 50 crucial points about non-violent struggles.

• Provide financial and moral support to those individuals and organizations fighting Islamofascists.


For all the above-stated reasons, we must reformulate the action plans and develop more effective ways of dealing with the problems in Iran. I believe the current idea of promoting civil disobedience is a great idea; however, that alone is insufficient when dealing with the homicidal/ suicidal Islamists in Iran.

I do not think that piecemeal and small-scale civil disobedience, in light of the present disunity and lack of a standard plan, can accomplish too much since we are trying to fight ruthless sub-human barbarians who lack the slightest shred of decency and are devoid of any ethical values and civilized modes of behavior. We need to use all our resources more optimally and use more viable tactics that involve meaningful help from as many sources as possible, help from the international world-body to, include the United States. In the long run, it is in the interest of the United States and the Western world to assist freedom-loving Iranians.

I do not claim to have all the answers, but I know where to begin. It is high time to realize that we are not dealing with the same social factors or even the same people of four decades ago. We need to collaborate on this effort and invite others who can contribute to this cause without placing personal fame and secondary gains ahead of the goal of reeducating, rebuilding, and liberating Iran.

Great opportunities do not come every day — recognize and seize them with every chance you get.

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