A note: The US policymakers concerning Iran have been wrong for the past 100 years. Sometimes I wonder why president after president appoints incompetent advisors and policymakers. Could you look at what we did regarding China? The rise of China is our fault.  

First published in 2009

Is history repeating itself? Is President Obama reenacting President Carter’s tragic policy blunder toward Iran? It appears Mr. Obama has sacrificed the valiant Iranian people at the altar of misguided expediency as did Jimmy Carter some three decades ago. To what end is he willing to continue his policy of appeasement?

America’s enemies bleat that sacrificing any people to further America’s interests is a standard operating procedure for American administrations – Republican or Democrat. These ill-wishers claim that America is not a republic or democracy but a plutocracy run by a cabal of big money in collaboration with Zionists.

Self-interest is indeed the motivating force for individuals, groups, and nations. Thus, it is understandable that President Obama is taking serious steps to further America’s interest by negotiating with Iran’s Mullahs to stop them from building nuclear weapons. This is an admirable objective. However, several troubling issues immediately come to mind.

For one, stopping the Mullahs from their pursuit of making the bomb is an unlikely possibility. That achievement treats a symptom rather than eliminates the virulent disease of Shi’a Islamism.

Having the end-of-the-worlder zany Mullahs’ itchy fingers on the nuclear trigger is terrible enough. The idea brings to mind images of the long-prophesied and dreaded Armageddon. What is worse is to be lulled into believing that the ever-dishonest Mullahs are actually sincere in honoring their commitment to abandon the quest for their nuclear holy grail. At the same time, they continue to do so and reap the enormous side benefits for their “concession.”

What benefits? A great many. Leading the list is giving the Mullahs—wolves masquerading as sheepdogs of Allah—a free hand to decimate internal opposition mercilessly. These villains have several millions of equally zany and rabid followers and hired thugs who are regularly unleashed on the secularists in Iran.

For another, the Mullahs are anything if not ambitious. They have their interests also. They are not content with what they are doing to Iran. They have their black heart set on a much bigger prize. First, the Middle East and the entire world are in their crosshairs. And they have the foot soldiers and mules to do their bidding internally and worldwide.

Recall that not long ago, the Mullahs called for volunteer suicide bombers. In only days, reportedly, thousands tripped over one another in their eagerness to enlist for the honor of martyrdom and a promised fast-track trip to Allah’s lush, sensual paradise.

The implacable enemies of liberty, the Mullahs, would want nuclear weapons to pursue their evil objectives. Not having the bomb, however, hardly prevents them from severe and widespread trouble-making.

It is a certainty that the Mullahs will play you, Mr. Obama, for the novice you are. They will extract huge concessions, shore up their prestige, tighten their stranglehold on the internal opposition, and expand their support for all troublemakers. Negotiating any deal with the Mullahs is futile in an asymmetrical political battle.

One side, the United States of America, plays by the civilized rule that requires honoring its obligations. In contrast, the other side, the Iranian Mullahs, plays by the dictate of their faith, taqqiya (lying and double-crossing in dealing with their adversaries.) The Ends justify the means as the guiding standard for Islamists.

Let us recall that it was Carter who tied the hands of the late Shah from crushing the Khomeinists to create a religious puppet government that would be easy to manipulate. The messianic Carter saw Khomeini as a Saint—albeit the wrong kind, a Muslim one. Yet, Carter and his equally brain-dead National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, sat in Washington spinning reality to the choreography of their deluded liberal minds.

In no time, Carter’s saint turned out to be the actual devil he was. Khomeini’s mob started killing Americans, took over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran with Americans as hostages, and launched a most virulent anti-American campaign that is bleeding America to this very day.

Carter made a bone-headed decision some 30 years ago. Iranians and Americans paid dearly and continue to pay to this day. Now, is it your turn President Obama? You are about to be hoodwinked by the same Machiavellian Shi’a gang that took Carter on a ride of infamy.

Mr. President. I wish you well. I truly do. But, I dread your game plan with the Mullahs; these masters of deceit make the likes of Kim Jong-Il seem most forthright by comparison.

Mr. President, are you planning to charm the Mullahs to play it your way? Is that what you are thinking? Are you, Mr. President, considering that the Mullahs will fall for your teleprompter speeches like the good-hearted American people got mesmerized and voted you into office?

Didn’t you recently have a bit of a reality check in Copenhagen when your appearance moved the Olympic Committee to that your appeal for choosing your hometown of Chicago came fourth out of four cities?

And now, will you make history on an unprecedented scale, Mr. Obama? First, you won the presidency in a white majority “racist” country, as repeatedly and viciously depicted by your spiritual mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Your next goal, Mr. Obama, is for history to record you as the one who single-handedly steered the world away from a nuclear conflagration and into a cozy lovey-dovey socialistic paradise through the genius of his brains and personal charm.

Mr. President, chances are you will never see this unsolicited advice from a run-of-the-mill citizen who is not privy to the as good as gold (i.e., costs a great deal of the taxpayers’ sweat and blood money) inside information your vast intelligence agencies provide. Further, I don’t get the priceless (i.e., worthless) advice of great brain trusts that envelope you. Yet, I and everyone else can readily see the awful overall results of our foreign policy of the last several decades. America is despised and vilified from one end of this ungrateful world to the other, despite our contributing immensely in funds and blood to the welfare and security of others.

Mr. President, you and democracy have invaluable allies in Iran. Some 50 million Iranians are the best hope of the world in that part of the world. These enlightened Iranians despise the Mullahs and have no animosity toward Israel or the United States. Most of these people are well-educated and intelligent and have broken away from the slavery and fraud of Islamism. They are in the best position to send the Mullahs packing for good. Instead of throwing a lifeline to the sinking ship of the Mullacracy, you must do something non-violent to help them defeat the Mullahs. It is your best bet.

Mr. President, the Mullahs’ regime of Iran poses an existential threat to the Middle East and the world. The Mullacracy is sinking. Please don’t throw it a lifeline by making a deal with it. Any concession the Mullahs make is not worth a rat’s tail. Deal with the 50 million or so Iranians on the ground. They are yours and the world’s surest bet for ending the Islamists’ menace for good.

Mr. President, while I congratulate you for winning the Nobel Peace Prize so effortlessly, I certainly hope you champion the work of peace and steadfastly avoid the often highly alluring trap of appeasement.

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