No President in the history of the United States has achieved as much in his first three years in his first term in office, as has President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, no President in the history of America has been subjected to such incessant vile and unjustified attacks as has President Trump. Why? Because he believes in American exceptionalism not globalism.

“Make America Great Again.” Just a slogan, the people of failure shout back. The Obama/Biden team had failed us for eight years in every aspect of our lives. To the leftists, failure is not only normal, it is expected.

The list of their failures for the previous administration is so long and glaring that I hardly need to repeat all of them here. Under the previous administration, once well-paid manufacturing jobs had disappeared and were relocated to other countries. President Trump managed to reverse this trend and brought back many manufacturing jobs. Before President Trump at the helm, huge swaths of this nation from northern New York to the great states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and many others, previously vibrant manufacturing regions, looked like ghost towns, but now have come back and people are optimistic about the future of this country. 

“During a PBS town hall, Obama referenced Trump’s promise to bring back jobs to the United States when talking about manufacturing.

“Well, how exactly are you going to do that? What exactly are you going to do? There’s no answer to it,” Obama said.

“He just said, ‘Well, I’m going to negotiate a better deal.’ Well, what, how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have?”

If I may, on President Trump’s behalf, allow me respond to the former President:

“Mr. Obama, I wake up every morning and I see a winner. Every day of my life a winner has looked back at me from the mirror with a smile, encouraging me to go out there and have another winning day.

“And I do that. And I am doing the same thing for our country. My wand is made of people. I can lead people to do miraculous feats. I’ve done it all my life, and after three years in office, I have done it again and that’s just the beginning. Before America hired me, I had built some of the most magnificent buildings in the world by the combined efforts of tens of thousands of talented people. These men and women each brought their skill and energy to their jobs. They worked for living wages, that’s for sure. But, they didn’t go through the motions only to get a paycheck. They worked their very best and their hardest because they were contributing in building something beautiful. These men and women felt the priceless joy of working for something that no money can buy, the pride of being in a team of winners accomplishing greatly challenging tasks.”

“Now, the winner who looked at me in the mirror and asked me to do the same exact thing for our country. This time with a team comprised of millions of competent men and women who are lining up to build a better America while they are seeking a better life for themselves and their children. This is how I have accomplished and brought back so many businesses and manufacturing jobs to our country. Something you failed to do.”

President Trump won against them. Why? Because the American people want a leader who believes in them and believes in America. A leader who is willing and able to put an end to the corrupt decay of Washington, D. C. The American people are sick and tired of letting a band of losers give away the store and what’s left of it.

Although the Obama/Biden team, made a wreck of our country, they have done very well for themselves personally, and I mean hugely well.

Strange as it may seem, the above paragraphs may tell us something important about the motivation of Donald Trump, to “Make America Great Again.”  His monumental egotism should be viewed with the above ideas in mind.  This would have been readily understood by Alexander Hamilton, whose founding of the First National Bank, along with his famous “Report on Manufactures,” establishes him as the father of American capitalism.

In short, most Americans are convinced that President Trump has reversed the disastrous course of Obama/ Biden and has made America great for every man, woman, and child of every race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and all other variations.


Our responsibility as Americans to Keep America Great, is to reelect President Trump who selflessly has sacrificed his comfortable life for the sake of America and American people.

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