It should be noted that Islam itself is a fantasy birthed by Muhammad’s own delusion.  Some Iranians are still nostalgic about the version of Islam they kept close to their hearts during the reign of the shah of Iran – a completely fictional Islam!

The shock wave of the real Islam on the faithful individuals was so massive in Iran that they came up with another justification that real Islam is not what the mullahs teach and practice.  They went even farther – as far as to call the highest Shiite religious authorities frauds.  If only Iranians could read Arabic, the outcome would have been entirely different.  Most Iranians have never read the Quran.

Understandably, after 40 years of suffering under the brutal regime of the mullahs, Iranians have become completely fed up with that Islam and all its rituals, and they wish to divorce themselves from it.  In fact, many already have, but for the fear of being called murtad and subject to death, they don’t come forward and announce it.  The events in history have hardened present-day Iranians.  They have become pretenders.

In my previous article, The Anachronism of Apostasy, I have explained it clearly:


Within this overall framework of complete acceptance of Islam as the perfect living charter for the believer, the rules pertaining to apostasy can be better understood. Islam considers an apostate as a person who unilaterally breaks the covenant he has made with his faith. An apostate is condemned as guilty of turning his back on Allah’s immutable eternal religion. Anyone who is born to Muslim parents and leaves Islam is stigmatized as murtad fitri (natural apostate) in the sense that he was born genetically Muslim and he had rejected his gift of birth. And anyone who converts to Islam and later leaves it is condemned as murtad milli (a person who has turned his back to the Ummah).

Throughout the ages, many great Persian and non-Persian philosophers, writers and men of letters, have tried to reform Islam.  Many have lost their lives in the process.  Reforming Islam requires discarding sharia and purging the Qur’an itself of a great many Suras that are not only patently false, but totally repugnant to civilized humanity.  This line of thought, to sanitize Islam, is explicitly forbidden in the Qur’an.

Whether this group of Shiite Muslims accept or do not accept Islam for what it is, the controversy will continue among certain strata of the Iranian population.  It is time for Iranians to reconcile with themselves and leave Islam en masse.

I recently received a note from an anonymous Iranian, expressing his thoughts regarding this issue:

God bless the Islamic Republic, which after 1,400 years of doubt, opened our eyes to the real Islam.  The true Islam is what you see – the same Islam in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Afghanistan. … Regrettably, we had closed our eyes to this historical reality. … Ayatollah Khomeini with his Islamic revolution took the genie out of the bottle and put it on the display.

Unfortunately, the liberal media and politicians around the globe, in an effort to appease oil-producing Islamic governments and their own Muslim population, have resorted to deception and lies.  They have created laws to punish those who criticize Islam.  They claim that real Islam is inherently peaceful and that only a small minority have hijacked the good faith of Muhammad by engaging in acts of intolerance, hatred, and violence.  These Western apologists never cite any verses or Suras from the Quran or report the actions and deeds of the prophet Muhammad.  They have become Islam enablers.  All one should do is to read the history of Islam and find out the truth for himself.

If, by some act of God, the instructions of the Qur’an to the faithful are completely dismantled, the condition of the Muslim world will tremendously improve.

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