Desert Shadows: A Tale of Betrayal in the Lone Star State

 Sunset Showdown The Texan desert, sun going down, painted the sky with fiery orange strokes, casting long shadows across Ken Paxton’s cluttered office. In the fading light, one could make out the illuminated walls adorned with photographs of Donald Trump, a shrine of campaign souvenirs. They, undoubtedly, showcased Paxton’s unwavering loyalty to the former president. […]

Biden Confronts Putin

Some call Joe Biden weak, particularly in terms of his foreign policy. He has been as vacillating and indecisive a person who always opts to run away from problems and questions rather than take a stand and solve them.  Many believe Joe Biden’s cognitive decline damages America.  Now, these are all perceptions. In the interest of fairness, […]

Voices of Freedom Are Silent No More

Maryam stepped into the bustling newsroom of her new job, her heart racing with excitement. She had always dreamed of becoming a journalist, of using her words to make a difference in the world. As she settled in at her desk, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of nervous anticipation. “Welcome to the team, […]