Promoting Democracy and Protecting Freedom

It is a crime to remain silent in the face of evil, it is said. Thus, I am speaking up and urging other good men and women to raise their resonant voices while they can before they are brutally silenced by the ever-creeping Islamofascism.
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About Me

Amil Imani

Iranian-American writer, satirist, novelist, public speaker, political analyst

Amil has been writing and speaking out about the danger of radical Islam both in America and internationally. He has become a formidable voice in the United States against the danger of global jihad and the Islamization of America.

Imani is the author of Obama Meets Ahmadinejad and Operation Persian Gulf and is currently working on his third and Sixth books. He is a 2010 honoree of EMET: “The Speaker of the Truth Award” at Capitol Hill.