Islamic Justice: Justice Par Excellence

I was walking my two puppies, entirely focused on the job of making sure I cleaned up after them, like a good neighbor should, when someone bumped into me, knocked me to the ground, and yelled, “Watch where are you going? You blind?” I turned around to apologize when I saw my friend doubled up […]

Quran and Jihad

We must closely examine the Quran, Islam’s inviolable, immutable charter since it enjoys such a sanctified standing. Muslims believe that Allah himself writes the Quran. Allah handed down the book, piece by piece and chapter by chapter, to the Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel, in turn, whispered these words to Muhammad himself over some 23 years. Muhammad […]

America’s Problems with Islam

A relatively recent demographic change—a significant increase in the Muslim population—poses a severe challenge to the American system of governance—reprehensive democracy. Historically, people from all over the world came to this land-of-take-all and made it their home. In becoming American, each new aspirant had to meet specific provisions and take the “Pledge of Allegiance” as […]

Islamic Subversion in America

“Abraham Lincoln said, “America will never be defeated from outside. If we falter and lose our freedom, it will come from the inside.” Introduction Never in my wildest dreams did I envision that our very modern and beautiful country, Iran, would fall into the hands of Muslim extremists who did not possess one iota of humanity. Never in […]

A Conversation with Allah

It is axiomatic that to be a Muslim, you must: believe in Allah by taking him as your one and only lord, accept Muhammad as Allah’s beloved messenger, and take the Quran as a literal work of Allah and a perfect prescription for living. As hard as I tried, I had a terrible time being […]

Justifying “Islamophobia”

All phobias are, by definition, irrational fears. I’m not an Islamophobe because my “fear” of Islam is entirely rational. Avoiding a poisonous snake is a rational fear. Not a phobia. The emotion of fear, when utilized rationally, is of immense value. The critical point is that the person, as well as the society, must base […]

Politicians Legitimize Islam

Never in the history of America has a group of power-hungry wolves, known as the Democrat Party, done so much damage to America. Establishment Republicans are not far behind! Forms of Government There are several different forms of government in the present world. One such form is Democracy. Democracy is supposed to be a form […]

My Take on Islam

All of Islam has the potential for ensuring a violent result because it is an inherent quality of the belief. I refuse to call it a religious faith…that would be a far kinder treatment than it actually deserves. It is essentially a death cult…a political/cultural and social ideology based on the violence of the Qur’an…it […]

Myth of the Moderate Muslim

We need once and for all to lay this enigma to rest. Is “Moderate Islam” an illusion? Moderate Islam is a wedge that will jam open the door to Jihad, and “evil will triumph when good Muslims do nothing.” The great majority of Muslims are not adherents of the radical line. Yet, because Islamists wage their war under the name of Islam, they receive immense direct and indirect support from rank-and-file ordinary Muslims. It is this support of moderate Muslims that keeps the Jihadists alive.