Nothing, and I Mean Nothing, Can Stop Trump!

In the annals of American history, moments of undeniable momentum and change are marked by a singular certainty: Nothing can stop what is coming. Such is the case as we stand on the precipice of a transformative period in our nation’s journey. The echoes of past struggles and triumphs resonate through the corridors of power, […]

A Mother’s Love in a Queen of Grace

(Verse 1) A young girl with dreams in her eyes, from the streets of Tehran she did rise Met a king in a foreign land, love’s embrace, a royal hand From commoner to Shahbanou, a crown of hope, a life anew Balancing love, a growing brood, a nation’s heart, she understood (Chorus) Farah, Farah, queen […]

Nika, The Persian Lioness

(Verse 1) (Acoustic guitar, melancholic melody) In the hush of the night, beneath a veiled moon’s glow A flicker of defiance, a seed soon to grow Nika, brave and untamed, in the storm’s crashing tide Her spirit, a lighthouse where darkness can’t hide (Chorus) (Tempo increases slightly, strings or subtle drumbeat joins) Nika, oh Nika, […]