October 4, 2023,

I have learned that my friend, a long-time Plano resident, Wayne Richard, has officially launched his campaign for the Collin County GOP primary District 66 seat against the incumbent state Representative, Matt Shaheen, fueled by his vote to impeach Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton — a sheer act of duplicity and betrayal of all we Texans stand for.

He fervently supports Attorney General Ken Paxton and his conservative agenda and understands the importance of having a genuine conservative leader who will never waver in defending Texans’ ideals.

His campaign staff will start to reach out to residents and community leaders, asking for their endorsements, financial support, and volunteer efforts.

With a heart full of passion and dedication for his constituents and Texas, Wayne is determined to retire Matt Shaheen from office while putting Texas First. Wayne’s commitment to conservative tenets has made him a prominent figure in Collin County, where Republicans will rally behind him to unseat Rep. Shaheen.

Today, our country and our party are at a crossroads. The reign of the ossified old Republican establishment is about to be ended by a new generation of principled conservatives. Wayne represents this new wave of Republicans who are determined to breathe new life into our party and champion the hopes and aspirations of all Americans.

Wayne is aware that this campaign isn’t just about him. It’s about our shared values and our collective vision for the future of Collin County. Hence, he seeks your assistance in forging a robust campaign that reflects our community’s aspirations and cherished principles.

While his campaign will address Shaheen’s impeachment vote, his platform will encompass many other traditional issues. Many of us are hopeful and excited about the mission ahead. A task with a powerful message – that we stand united in our firm support to revive conservatism in District 66.

Let us usher in a new era of moral conservatism and restore our party to its rightful place as the guardian of American values. As mentioned, the implications of this challenge reach far beyond the primary. Wayne Richard’s leadership can showcase Collin County’s unyielding commitment to conservatism and set the course for the future of the Republican Party in our state.

Wayne Richard does so with utmost care and consideration as he begins his campaign. He understands the weight of this decision as he embarks on this critical journey to serve the people of Collin County with honor and dignity.

Thank you,
Amil Imani


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