Trump Exposed the Rot and Fraud of the Elites

President Donald Trump’s political tenure was marked by fervent support and vehement opposition. However, beneath the surface of political disagreements, it becomes evident that he exposed adversaries lurking within the government and media who now actively conspire to sideline him. These adversaries, threatened by Trump’s policies and America-first commitment, are tirelessly working to diminish his […]

Dear Senator Angela Paxton,

Dear Senator Angela Paxton, I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I wanted to take a moment to express my admiration and appreciation for your unwavering support for your husband, Attorney General Ken Paxton, during the recent impeachment trial. Your presence and steadfast support for your husband were commendable throughout […]

Honorable Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick

The Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick P.O. Box 685085 Austin, Texas 78768 Phone: (512) 270-1852k Email: Honorable Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, On behalf of over 400 million Texans who voted for General Paxton, I thank you for your leadership during the AG Ken Paxton sham impeachment trial. We, the residents of Texas who value fairness, […]

Desert Shadows: A Tale of Betrayal in the Lone Star State

 Sunset Showdown The Texan desert, sun going down, painted the sky with fiery orange strokes, casting long shadows across Ken Paxton’s cluttered office. In the fading light, one could make out the illuminated walls adorned with photographs of Donald Trump, a shrine of campaign souvenirs. They, undoubtedly, showcased Paxton’s unwavering loyalty to the former president. […]

Case against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton at state Senate trial is falling apart

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s state Senate impeachment trial is underway in the heart of Texas, and the prosecution’s case appears to be crumbling before our eyes. While media outlets have long portrayed Paxton as a controversial figure, the trial’s proceedings reveal a different story – one of weak evidence and a politically motivated agenda. […]