Dear Respected Texas Senators,

Since the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020, the left and a few Republicans have lost their collective mind. They have gone into a stage of sheer lunacy and have not returned.

The sham impeachment against Attorney General Ken Paxton, led by fellow Republicans, is a testament to the misguided actions of some within our party. We must rally behind Paxton, highlighting his exemplary record. As the impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Ken Paxton loom, a glaring truth emerges: this is another politically motivated fraud reminiscent of the baseless impeachment attempts against former President Trump.

It is no coincidence that Paxton, hailed as one of the most conservative Attorney Generals Texas has ever seen, finds himself in the crosshairs of fellow Republicans who are determined to silence his unwavering support for President Trump.

Undoubtedly, the political terrain of our esteemed state has been experiencing a notable metamorphosis in recent years. This transformation is propelled by the dynamic currents of conservatism and the unrelenting endeavors of those who remain steadfast in their commitment to preserving the core principles that define our party. It is with a sense of duty and concern that I address you today as we stand on the precipice of a critical decision regarding the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The political climate in the aftermath of the 2016 and 2020 elections has been nothing short of tumultuous. The deep divisions that have emerged within our nation have also permeated the very fabric of our party. While unity and shared values have been our strength, they are now being tested by what can only be described as a misguided and politically motivated impeachment effort against one of our most moral leaders.

Attorney General Ken Paxton has been a stalwart defender of conservative principles throughout his tenure. His commitment to the Constitution, his unwavering defense of individual rights, and his tireless efforts to uphold the rule of law have garnered the respect and admiration of many Texans. Because of these qualities, he is attacked from some quarters within our party.

The impeachment proceedings against Paxton are reminiscent of the unjust and baseless attempts to impeach former President Donald Trump. Forces seek to undermine and silence those who have boldly supported President Trump’s vision for our nation. Ken Paxton’s vocal and unapologetic advocacy for our former President has made him a target for those who wish to stifle conservative voices and maintain a stranglehold on the Republican Party.

As representatives of the people, we must remember our duty to uphold the principles that our party was founded upon. We must stand united against any attempts to undermine the integrity of our elected officials through politically motivated actions. The impeachment of Ken Paxton would set a dangerous precedent, signaling that internal party politics can be weaponized against those with differing views. This is not the path we should be treading.

The state of Texas has always been a beacon of conservatism, a stronghold for principles that reflect the heart and soul of our great nation. The rising tide of conservatism in Texas has resulted from dedicated individuals, conservative activists, and organizations working tirelessly to advance our shared values. Ken Paxton has been a champion of these values, and we must protect and support him, just as he has watched and supported the rights and freedoms of Texans.

Impeaching Ken Paxton would not only be a disservice to him as an individual but also undermine the will of the people who elected him to serve as Attorney General. The consequences of such an action would extend far beyond his tenure, sending a message that party politics and personal agendas take precedence over the principles and ideals we hold dear.

Therefore, dear Senators, I urge you to consider the long-term ramifications of your decision. Upholding the values of conservatism, unity, and fairness means standing by those who have remained true to these principles. Let us not allow our party to be divided by internal strife, but rather let us come together to support Attorney General Ken Paxton and reject the politically motivated impeachment efforts against him. By doing so, we can ensure that Texas remains a beacon of conservative principles and a shining example for our nation.

With great appreciation, very best wishes, and respect

Amil Imani

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