Dear Wayne,

I hope you’re doing well and staying healthy. I am very grateful for your recent announcement of an exploratory committee as a potential candidate for the Texas House of Representatives, District 66.

Your decision to step forward into the political arena is genuinely commendable. It serves as a shining example of your unwavering commitment to public service and the betterment of our community. At a time when our current representative has failed us miserably, your stepping forward is especially welcome.

Entering the Texas House of Representatives, the race could not have come at a more crucial time. Our state and nation yearn for leaders like you who embody the spirit of hope and optimism and can inspire positive change.

The current clouds of despair that loom over our congressional District 66 can only be dispersed by the staunch commitment of individuals like yourself. Your willingness to stand up and be a voice for the people gives us renewed hope for a brighter future.
Indeed, these are challenging times for our country, and it is evident that our current representative has failed us miserably. However, your promise of a better tomorrow is a beacon of hope for all who believe in the enduring values that make America exceptional.

At this crossroads in our nation’s history, we must unite against the divisive ideology that threatens the very fabric of our society. We must restore the Texas Republican House of Representatives, honor the Constitution, and re-establish our nation’s leadership in the world, built on principles of liberty and justice for all.

In Collin County, conservative activists stand firmly behind you, extending our profound support for your valiant effort to represent District 66.

Honorable Wayne Richard, your commitment to upholding our shared values gives us hope that your leadership will transform our community and your constituents.

Amil Imani

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