In a cozy coffee shop nestled on a bustling street corner, two friends, Olivia and Benjamin, found respite from the world’s chaos. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee permeated the air, mingling with the gentle hum of conversation.

As they sat across from each other at a small table, Olivia leaned forward, her eyes filled with contemplation. “Life can be such a struggle, Benjamin,” she said, her voice tinged with a touch of weariness. “With each passing year, the challenges seem to grow more formidable, and our ability to cope weakens.”

Benjamin nodded, his expression mirroring Olivia’s introspection. “It’s true,” he agreed, his voice tinged with empathy. “It often feels as though we’re caught in a perpetual battle against the tides, trying to navigate our way amidst the ever-changing currents.”

A heavy silence settled between them as they pondered the enigmatic nature of existence. Olivia broke the stillness, her voice laden with curiosity. “But what lies beyond this journey? What awaits us when our time in this physical realm comes to an end?”

Benjamin furrowed his brow, searching for an answer amidst the labyrinthine depths of his thoughts. “You know, Olivia,” he began, his voice carrying a hint of wonder, “I recently came across the teachings of a Persian prophet named Baha’u’llah. He spoke of the infinite spiritual worlds of God.”

Olivia’s eyes widened, her interest piqued by the notion of something beyond the boundaries of their familiar reality. “Infinite spiritual worlds?” she repeated, her voice barely above a whisper.

Benjamin nodded, a flicker of awe illuminating his eyes. “Yes, it’s difficult to comprehend, but consider this: science has already revealed that the universe itself is infinite, forever expanding into the unknown.”

Olivia’s mind swirled with thoughts, grappling with the vastness of the concept. “So, Baha’u’llah might be right,” she mused aloud, her voice a mixture of fascination and uncertainty. “Perhaps there is more to our existence than what we experience in this physical realm.”

A gentle smile crept onto Benjamin’s lips as he absorbed Olivia’s words. “Indeed, Olivia,” he replied, his tone infused with a glimmer of hope. “Regardless of our beliefs, one thing remains certain: our time here will inevitably come to an end. Embracing the possibility of a greater journey beyond this life, as Baha’u’llah suggests, could be a wise path to embark upon.”

Olivia’s features softened, the weight of her weariness slowly lifting. “You’re right, Benjamin,” she murmured, her voice carrying a newfound sense of resolve. “Rather than fearing the unknown, perhaps we should prepare ourselves for the infinite and be open to the possibilities that lie ahead.”

As their conversation continued, the aroma of coffee mingled with the air of profound contemplation. Olivia and Benjamin found solace in the notion that their journey might extend beyond the confines of this physical realm, their hearts buoyed by the hope that awaited them in the infinite expanse of the spiritual worlds.

Indeed, life is a struggle. With age, the struggles get more challenging and more numerous while the ability to cope falters. One thing is sure. This physical life is a journey with a beginning and an inevitable end. Is there anything else after we each reach the end of this journey, other than returning the material components we have borrowed from the earth back to earth — to be provided for other life forms to start their ending journeys?

 The Persian prophet Baha’u’llah says that after we finish our stint in this physical realm, our true essence — our soul — enters the INFINITE spiritual worlds of God. Infinite? Infinity is a mathematical postulate. We wonder if everything must have an end, no matter how huge.

Yet, science has already established that infinity is reality. For one, the universe is infinite and continually expanding. Think about that.

So over 150 years ago, when Baha’u’llah, a Persian prophet, told us about infinity, he was not just using hyperbole. The worlds of God, as unfathomable to us as it sounds, are indeed infinite. And we are headed that way.

No matter what we do, we will be done here. Is it not wise to go with the belief that Baha’u’llah is right? We will arrive at a new home, and we should prepare ourselves best to be suited for it. Betting against what Baha’u’llah says is a guaranteed loss while listening to him could be true, and we do not lose anything?

As for me, I am a lone ranger, a maverick. I believe in the First Amendment and the freedom of the press. To me, freedom means just that, freedom. Not only do I select what I report, but I also pass judgment freely.

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