In the face of an impending impeachment vote, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton symbolizes unwavering conservatism and a relentless fighter for our values. The allegations and articles of impeachment brought against him by a politically motivated committee led by a handful of Republicans cannot overshadow his exceptional track record and dedication to upholding conservative principles.

Upholding Conservative Principles

Attorney General Ken Paxton has built a legacy based on his unwavering commitment to conservative principles. He has fearlessly taken on the grave issue of voter fraud, defending Texas against the federal government overreach and the foundation of our Republic. The Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database, which documents 730 cases of voter fraud in Texas since 1979, attests to the importance of Paxton’s tireless efforts in safeguarding the electoral process. By prosecuting these cases, he ensures that every lawful vote counts and that our democratic values remain intact.

Children’s rights

Paxton’s office stance on categorizing sex-change operations and puberty blockers as “child abuse” under Texas law demonstrates his unwavering commitment to protecting our children. By advocating for responsible decision-making and safeguarding their innocence, he upholds the rights prioritizing parental rights and the well-being of our most vulnerable. As Texans, we must support Paxton in his efforts to defend our children and ensure their future is filled with hope, happiness, and the chance to grow into the individuals they were meant to be. 

Unyielding Opposition to Federal Overreach

Attorney General Paxton’s well-publicized feuds with the federal government, both under the Obama and Biden administrations, epitomize his unwavering commitment to keeping Texans safe.  He is one of the most dynamic of the states’ attorneys general in opposing the unconstitutional overreach of the Biden administration. Paxton has boldly challenged policies that overstep the bounds of federal authority. His involvement in legal battles to scrutinize the 2020 presidential election results reflects his unwavering dedication to upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring that every legal vote is counted.

A person of his outstanding principles is urgently needed to continue the fight against Washington’s open border policy and unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

Unmasking the Motivations:

However, it is disheartening to witness a few unhinged Republicans spearheading this impeachment effort against Paxton. It raises questions about their true motivation and threatens to undermine the credibility of the Texas House. Are they blinded by personal vendettas or politically motivated? It is crucial to remember that the consequences of this deceitful impeachment attempt reach far beyond Paxton’s tenure. They taint the reputation of the Republican Party and cast doubt on its commitment to traditional values.

A Call to Action

In the face of these phony allegations, witch hunts, and innuendoes, let us not falter in supporting Attorney General Ken Paxton. Voters must rise to the occasion in defense of Ken Paxton. We, the Texans, elected him not once, not twice, but three times amidst these challenging times.

A Few Questions to Ask of Ourselves:

Is it not crucial to ensure that our pursuit of justice remains untainted by partisan interests? Will this sham of impeachment lose the credibility and unity of the Texas House and the Republican Party? Should we value the representation of these important perspectives outside our party? Can we afford to lose a strong advocate who has fearlessly fought against unconstitutional policies that threaten our liberties?

It is now imperative that we, true conservatives, pause and deeply reflect upon these probing questions. We must rise above the clamor of partisan politics and engage in thoughtful introspection. Let us explore the significance of these inquiries and seek the truth beneath the surface. Doing so can reaffirm our commitment to justice, integrity, and the law.


The impeachment attempt against him, led by fellow Republicans, is a testament to the misguided actions of some within our party. We must rally behind Paxton, highlighting his exemplary record. As the impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Ken Paxton loom, a glaring truth emerges: this is another politically motivated fraud reminiscent of the baseless impeachment attempts against former President Trump. It is no coincidence that Paxton, hailed as one of the most conservative Attorney Generals Texas has ever seen, finds himself in the crosshairs of fellow Republicans who are determined to silence his unwavering support for President Trump. Tomorrow, they plan to orchestrate this impeachment charade. We ask the lawmakers to say no to this sham impeachment.

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