Self-defense is the right of every individual, group, or nation. The inveterate belligerent Hamas cannot expect Israel to refrain from retaliation when it lobs barrage after barrage of rockets at Israeli populations. Hamas and Islamic Jihad thrive on violence. And violence begets violence. Hamas is in a state of hostility even with its own kindred, the Palestinian Authority of the West Bank. It is time for Hamas to mend its ways, realize the futility of its strategy, and live in peace with others. It is time for the people in Gaza to demand that their leaders cease exploiting them and have them extend a hand of genuine peace for the betterment of all.

Decades of bloodletting by the Hamas extremists have inflicted unnecessary and unacceptable suffering on all sides. Israel, justifiably, is compelled to do what it must to defend itself and its people. In stark contrast to Hamas, Israel’s response is measured and does not intentionally target innocent civilians. Those who support and fund Hamas in its belligerence have their own vested interest and not that of the Palestinians. The Palestinian people need to realize the futility of the present hostility and demand that their leaders work for a peaceful solution.

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