Since the election of Donald Trump, the left has lost their collective sanity. They went into a stage of sheer insanity and haven’t returned.  

America’s political novelty is that every two years we can change Congress and every four the president. So, why all this lies and fuss? The other side accepted President Obama’s win despite all the controversies surrounding his eligibility. So, why the left can’t do the same and accept President Trump when he won the 2016 Presidency fair and square? What is it with Trump that they hate him so much? If they don’t like the President, the Democrats can vote against him and his party in 2020. Why drag the nation into a quagmire of lies and deception for three years and make our lives miserable?

The answer is Hillary Clinton and her ego. She is unable to accept her loss. She blames everyone for her defeat except herself.  Clinton wrote a memoir of her failed presidential race titled “What Happened” which was a huge blunder. Hillary Clinton’s team bankrolled a sleazy dossier of allegations linking Trump to Russia. The so-called dossier was nothing but a fabricated document funded by Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Then she blamed WikiLeaks, followed by James Comey, Bernie Sanders, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, the media, Jill Stein, sexism and she also millions of bigoted white nationalists.

Hillary Clinton is nothing but a sore loser. She even said she would accept the outcome of the election, but later she refused.  Despite America being a nation of laws where all forms of freedom are enshrined in the Constitution, Clinton kept going for three long years while taking the country down with her.

We have been warned of three kinds of people: charlatans, demagogues, and politicians.  And, more often than not, someone like Hillary Clinton will rise up to represent all three of these characters wrapped into one.

Hillary Clinton’s corruption is comprised of many components.  It covers her private, professional, and political life.  There are also various overlays.  Her use of a personal email server overwhelms all three phases.  With Hillary, one never has to overstate. Her wrongdoings speak for themselves, very loudly.

She makes deceitful statements to get out of trouble and at the same time attempts to hoodwink the voters. Hillary Clinton is just one more in the unforgettable morally decadent leaders in of world history. As long as there are individuals and politicians motivated by greed, selfishness and power there will be a vacuum for an immoral leader to help them achieve their goals.

The DNC, once a viable representative of what was good and honorable in America, has become the personification of greed, corruption, and self-centeredness.

America is indeed at a crossroads, a crossroads that is existential and vital to her survival. America as we know it is now facing a mortal threat from within and without. Our system has become as corrupt as any Latin American banana republic.

The Democrat Party’s current actions against President Trump and the American people qualifies them as a prime enemy of America. Eight years of Obama and his Democrat cronies made America weaker and poorer. But thanks to President Trump’s policies, America is rebounding, our people are safer and more prosperous. Our military is stronger. We are once again respected by world leaders. Our economy is the best in our history. More people work. Trump proposal  would push 3.1 million Americans off food stamps.

By contrast, Democrats prove once again they are obstructionists and do every trick in the book to overthrow a duly elected President at taxpayers’ expense. Their next move is to impeach President Trump for the crimes the Democrats themselves have committed. A classic case of psychological projection. 

The Democrat party’s house of cards is about to come down in a remarkable way — “Trump’s election didn’t cause the party’s demise, it exposed it.”

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