For the first time in a long time, many opposition groups have put their egos aside and unanimously stand with Prince Reza Pahlavi who has a huge base inside Iran and is perhaps Iran’s only hope to bring back freedom and liberty to Iran. The Mullahs, don’t have one iota of feeling for the country they are ruling. In fact, they all despise it.

The Crown Prince of Iran is the last heir to the Iranian monarchy. He has stressed the importance of the uprising in Iran in a statement, saying “that the Iranian people have reached a conclusion after 40 years of living under a religious dictatorship, that this regime cannot be fixed.”

“He also said that the younger generation Iranians have no hope in fixing the current dictatorship of a regime, while the country suffers from poverty, hunger and unemployment because of corruption.”

Prince Pahlavi has always been an advocate of non-violent protest. “Change must come to Iran by civil disobedience and non-violence. I stress that. We can’t have change at any cost. It is ultimately a question of the sovereignty of that nation, and what happens must be the will of the people. But how do we determine that? There is an absence of public debate. There is an absence of the ballot box,” says Mr. Pahlavi.

It makes me laugh when I read in some media outlets whether this fine man is ready to take on the task and lead Iran. That is the most ludicrous statement I have ever read. This man has given his life for the past 40 years to liberate Iran with such a small amount of funds that are barely sufficient. Yes, he is more than ready.

Prince Reza Pahlavi has been actively and nonstop in touch with his compatriots in Iran.  He has one mission and one mission only, to liberate Iran and give the Iranian people an opportunity to choose their own form of government. His highest ambition is to see the Iranian people free and to choose their own form of government.

Mr. Pahlavi and I share many of the same thoughts.

“Iran needs an overall change,” Mr. Pahlavi has said, “All Iranians want change, and it is time for change.” I fully agree with him. In an interview with radio Farda he said” The only system capable of guaranteeing people their rights is a democratic and secular system. In the framework of a secular and democratic government, the rights of all people, including different ethnicities and minorities, will be respected,” insisted Prince Reza.”

US’s Role

For decades, the United States wanted to support the Iranian opposition, but which ones? It sought further clarity while understanding the oppositions’ ability to induce reform and, at times, outright regime change. But the US has been unable to pinpoint an organized Iranian opposition. So, it never materialized. One of the defining Iranian opposition characteristics is: too many chiefs and not enough Indians.  That has been a flaw in our culture.

Regrettably, and out of desperation, a few Senators and some former US elected officials resorted to the People’s Mujahidin Organization of Iran (PMOI) or MEK: radical Marxist-Islamists. The MEK has done to its members is beyond the pale. The Guyana tragedy and the story of Jim Jones comes to mind.

It is time that United States stand fully behind Mr. Pahlavi and supply him with all the necessary tools needed to free Iran. After all, the Iranian people trust him and want him to return to Iran. The United States and Europe should also respect the Iranians’ decision. 

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