Writing and saluting these two who spend endless times sounding the alarm about the ever-increasing menace Islam posing to America and our way of life, is not enough. We must do more. Unfortunately, apathy, political correctness, and massive Islamic lobbying have successfully prevented the public from truly grasping the all-pervasive Islamic assault on our country. Why aren’t there enough freedom-loving journalists to recognize the valor, courage and bravery of those who have dedicated their lives for the safety and security of this nation? My answer is they fear losing their jobs.

I have time and again stood by Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller for fighting for all Americans. These two brave souls need more than just me writing and saying thank you. These two fighters deserve a Nobel Peace Prize (if that means anything nowadays).

Instead of receiving praise, unfortunately, individuals who dare to voice the truth about Islam, its barbaric Sharia laws and savage practices are subjected to harassment, threatened with ruinous lawsuits. Businesses and organizations with the slightest deviation from Islamic dictates face boycotts and the loss of media advertising sponsors. Again, this is our brave new world.

Both Pamela and Robert are some of the bravest Americans I know. They both constantly face the vilest of attacks from both liberals as well as Muslims for simply telling the truth. I’ll add a footnote here “When one hears the truth, one can only be silent or join the cause.”

George Orwell summed up Gellar and Spencer and the entire era we are living in a very few words “In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

I ask again, what will it take to wake up the sleeping giant? What horrendous attack would finally convince them that Islam is not like other religions in the United States, that it poses an absolute danger to us and our children unless it is controlled and monitored.

Concurrently, much of academia and many universities throughout the land are generously funded by Islamic governments and organizations to market a highly sanitized and distorted version of Islam to young impressionable minds. Even at the primary school level, a hugely dishonest portrayal of Islam is included in books pupils are required to study.

It is evident that Muslims are unable to withstand honest scrutiny of their beliefs and practices, since they do everything they can to silence courageous people like Robert and Pamela. The evidence supporting this point is overwhelming. Let’s first battle it out instead of unleashing the huge power and funds of numerous governments and organizations to silence individuals.

We must notice that Islam promoters never present the naked face of Islam. They never speak of the Islam that thrives on hate and violence. They never mention throwing acid in the face of women who fail to don the hijab or girls just going to school. They don’t speak of flogging people for sporting non-Islamic haircuts, stoning women to death for violating sexual norms and other forms of Islamic brutalities such as Honor Killing. They never mention child marriages in Islam that allows a man of any age to marry a child as young as nine years of age.

Perhaps civic education and other indicators of assimilation should be a prerequisite for remaining and advancing in this nation. We must be willing to recognize the dangers of the burqa (head-to-toe garb worn by women in some Islamic sects), which allows individuals to completely conceal their identities.  If Muslims are to thrive in America, and if we are to be safe, then we must have ground rules that protect the people from those who disdain the freedoms that most of the world covets.

The growing epidemic of hate has been largely ignored, misunderstood, or downplayed, because of apathy, ignorance, confusion, bigotry, ideology, purported pragmatism, and misguided multiculturalism. Those who value human rights ignore antisemitism at their own risk. Muslim antisemitism provides an acid test of the seriousness of Western liberalism. If the West fails to stem this growing tide, as now seems likely, future affairs will not go well for the true proponents of democracy.

I have experienced firsthand the pall that Islam casts on the life of the individual and society.  From cradle to grave, Islam imposes its oppressive, intolerant, and deathly dogma without let-up.  This archaic, primitive belief of over 1,400 years ago has been and continues to be at war with valiant people who refuse to bend their necks to its yoke.

I stand with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, two liberty loving people who stand on frontline fighting for you and me.  


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