We hold Islam in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for its wanton behavior toward others from the day of its inception to the present. 

Millions of Iranians consider the mullahs, their lackeys and lobbyists as true enemies of Iran, the country of my birth. Let’s be clear, Iranians have never asked for charity from anybody, but all they are asking is that people and countries that are at clear risk from the mullahs ought to step to the plate and help the Iranians, in numerous effective ways to get rid of these usurpers, these religious fanatics who are hell-bent on promoting their deadly agenda.

The Iranian people will assuredly dislodge these wolves and try them for their crimes with all due process, the due process that they have completely denied for the people of Iran for the past 37 years. But, tried they will be and they need help from our friends to destroy the common enemy before it escalates its bloodletting program, both in Iran and against Israel and eventually engulfing the entire world.

Currently, the pro-Islamic Republic lobbyist group, known as the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), has been given carte blanche to the Obama administeraation. Instead of confiscating their assets, sealing their offices, and deporting them immediately, this pro-Islamic Republic group has comfortably found its way into the White House and too close to Obama’s ears while giving him ill-considered advice.

As early as December 1954, the Shah noted, “…the potentialities of friendly and close relations between the people of Iran and the United States are immense. There is a deep and fundamental identity of national interests which overshadows everything else. We both believe that the individual is the central figure in society, and that freedom is the supreme blessing…Iran has a great deal in common, in convictions with the Western world regarding freedom and democracy.”

I bemoan the plight of my native land and the people who have suffered and continue to suffer under Islam. Without Islam there wouldn’t be any Muslims to hoist the banner of hate and violence against non-Muslims. A few claim that Islam has done some good in the past. Well, that’s debatable. There are those who are equally convinced that Islam has inflicted a great deal of suffering on others from its inception to the present. What we all must agree upon is that Islam and its sharia laws, at the very least, do not fit in today’s world.

Islam is a creed of an ignorant people in a primitive and barbaric age. It is fixated in time and place; it harbors the ambition of taking the 21st century world back 14 centuries and ruling it by its dogma of violence, intolerance, injustice and death. Yet, Islam is not only an obsolete vestige of a defunct era, but itself is an infinitely fractured belief that can hardly put its own home in order. Hatred, not love, drives Islam.

We recognize that the dysfunctional Islamic software is deeply engrained in the minds of many Muslims who opt to remain in mental bondage rather than purge their minds of the Islamic software and join the rest of the human family with a new emancipating program for life—liberty.

Islamic clergy, the parasitic prime beneficiaries of Islam, are master practitioners of the carrot-and stick-strategy. By drawing heavily from the Quran and the Hadith, the conniving mullahs and imams have assembled a potent arsenal of threats and promises to keep the faithful in line.

They had little trouble in so doing, since Islamic scripture is replete with graphic horrific punishment awaiting the wayward and the unbelievers, while the rewards for the obedient docile, if he is male, are described as endless variety of sensual pleasures.

Anyone daring to leave the corral of Islam is considered an apostate and automatically condemned to death. And that’s just for starters. The punishment awaiting the ungrateful deserter of the one and only true path, Islam threatens, is a raft of horrific eternal torment in Allah’s hell.

And for the true faithful—the mindless robot—the promised rewards, all physical pleasures, are infinite and eternal.

In spite of these horrid threats and empty promises, more and more people are beginning to recognize Islam for what it is.

It is difficult, but not impossible to leave the fraudulent Islam’s captivity. Hundreds of thousands have done so successfully and have enjoyed the blessings of liberty.

In its savage crusade against others, Islam sanctioned slavery, condemned women to a cast of inferior, and summarily sentenced to death any and all people who rejected its yoke of bigotry.

Crimes committed by this cult of savagery are too numerous to fully enumerate here.  Sallying out of the Arabian dessert with the sword of avarice, Muslims attacked civilized people in search of booty. Their early success enflamed their lust and propelled them in their march of death and destruction.

The disciples of Muhammad, following his examples, swept other people’s heritage, antiquities, and way of life at the point of the sword. The agenda left by Muhammad is still the guiding life pattern for his followers. The world is Islam’s and anyone any anything non-Islamic must be wiped out by any and all means, Muslim believe.

Islam has never been content to limit itself to the land of its birth. It has always been on conquest, by force, by migration, and by any other means.We Iranians, victimized by this cult of savagery for some 1400 years, are rejecting Islam’s in its entirety with its exclusionary and oppressive dogma. We call on the decent and tolerant people of the world who celebrate gender equality, race amity, and liberty for all to join us in once and for all defeating the scourge of Islam.



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