For one, look at our national debt. Almost 20 trillion dollars. In just this past 8 years, the gang of failure –the you-know-who–has skyrocketed our debt to over $19 trillion. Just think about that. Are you going to let them continue burying us, our children and generations to come under this ever mounting debt?

Here at home, once well-paying manufacturing jobs have disappeared and relocated to other countries. We can no longer look at a city or a small area and not call it economically depressed. Now, huge swaths of this nation from northern New York to the great states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and many others, previously vibrant manufacturing regions, look like ghost towns.

In contrast to these losers, we competed against 17 other people on our side with winning records, some with outstanding credentials of accomplishment:

Governors, senators, a brain surgeon, and a woman CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

And we won against them. Why? Because the American people want only a true leader who is willing and able to put an end to the corrupt decay of Washington, D. C. The American people are sick and tired of letting a band of losers give away the store, not to mention what’s left of it.

The Obama-Hillary team, while making a wreck of our country, have done very well for themselves, and I mean hugely well.

Remember Hillary claiming that they were poor when they were about to leave the White House? Remember that? Okay, and now she is billing herself as the champion of the poor. You hear that too, right?

Well, this is one claim of lying Hillary you can believe. She has facts to support that. She said she was poor. So she went and did whatever it took to fix that problem. And since charity begins at home, she got right down to it. Teaming up with Billy, they raked it in for themselves to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in no time at all.

How did she do it? Did she get a patent on a world-changing invention? Did she discover a cure for a pandemic debilitating disease? No. No. Those are hard things to do and she is hardly qualified to do that kind of work. Her line is politics. Wheeling and dealing. Pay-to-play kind of thing.

How did she so amazingly make destitute Hillary hundreds of millions in no time? She gave speeches and arranged deals. That’s how.

Those who gave her and Billy millions are not known as caring for the poor. They only give a dime for a dollar. And look closely and you will see that they indeed got a dollar for their dime from the Clintons. The FBI is looking into those criminal shenanigans.  But the Obama-Lynch FBI won’t complete such an investigation for many years, if ever.

That’s enough talking about the Obama-Hillary gang, the gang that has made our country a loser domestically and internationally. They know nothing other than losing. Every morning they get up and look in the mirror, they see a loser.

I wake up every morning and I see a winner. Every day of my life a winner has looked back at me from the mirror with a smile, encouraging me to go out there and have another winning day.

And I do that. And now I plan to do the same for our country. How are you going to do that with the wreck that the loser gang is leaving behind? It takes a miracle, a magician to do that? Well, you’ve got it. I’m the magician, with my miracle-working wand.

My wand is made of people. I can lead people to do miraculous feats. I’ve done it all my life, building some of the most magnificent buildings in the world by the combined efforts of tens of thousands of talented people. These men and women each brought their skill and energy to their jobs. They worked for living wages, that’s for sure. But, they didn’t go through the motion only to get a paycheck. They worked their very best and their hardest because they were contributing in building something beautiful. These men and women felt the priceless joy of working for something that no money can buy, the pride of being in a team of winners accomplishing greatly challenging tasks.

Now, the winner who looks at me in the mirror wants to do the same exact thing with our country. This time with a team comprised of millions of competent men and women who are lining up to build a better America while they are seeking a better life for themselves and their children.

I have a proven record of accomplishing great things, of confronting adversity, and still winning in the ongoing economic contest. The loser Hillary has built nothing other than a pay-for-play pseudo charity while lying through her teeth along the way and even risking our very nation’s security to achieve her ultimate ends – an undeserved place in the history books.  James Comey of the FBI attributes her behavior to extreme carelessness; but we know that Hillary has never done anything that wasn’t calculated and cunning, intended to achieve her personal goals at the expense of others; even at the expense of national security through her private server.

Speaking of private server. That fits crooked Hillary to a T. She only lives to serve herself. Come what may.

So, give me your vote and let me go to work for you and with you so that we make America great again. I’m absolutely convinced that we can reverse this disastrous course and make America great again for every man, woman, and child of every race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and all other variations– a variation that makes America redolent of color and beautiful. 

Let’s work together to make America great again. Let’s restore America to her rightful place as the exceptional leader rather than just another amongst many nations.

We are winners. We can do it, together. 


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